Time as an Executive Chauffeur:  16 years

Time worked with UKLC:  10 months

Vehicle: Mercedes V Class

(All information correct at time of interview)

Describe the work you do with UK London Chauffeur

‘Typically, I do transfers from London hotels and airports, plus guided tours to destinations such as Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge and Bath.’

So tell us why you like working with UK London Chauffeur so much

‘They are extremely professional and efficient, and they communicate in a very clear and straightforward way. Every job is detailed on an email, and then a reminder is sent by text message just before the scheduled start time; if ever there is a change to the brief, I am notified clearly, so this makes it very easy for me to be a good driver.

‘Adam and Laurence pay a very competitive rate, and treat me very well. Unlike some other companies, they have very high standards, and vet all their drivers’ vehicles and knowledge. That means they tend to attract better clients, and they are people I enjoy working with.’