Time as an Executive Chauffeur:  10 years

Time worked with UKLC:  3 years

Vehicle: Mercedes V Class

(All information correct at time of interview)

Describe the work you do with UK London Chauffeur

‘I carry VIP clients to and from the airports or their hotels or on tourist tours – sometimes in London, but also to Bath, Stonehenge, Cotswolds, Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle – any beautiful or historic places. Of all the places I’ve taken people to, I think my favourite was Cheddar Gorge.

‘My clients are mainly from the USA but can be from anywhere in the world. Usually we are accompanied by a highly qualified tour guide, and I like to learn from the guides.’

So tell us why you like working with UK London Chauffeur so much

‘They are always very punctual and precise, and they clearly work hard at this. I have a lot of respect for them because of this, and I know they also appreciate my hard work.

‘They are always well informed compared to other firms, and seem to use more knowledgeable guides. They are great people, so I like working with them.’